“Between myth and custom”

HUICHOL KUNST a Urban Koncept display

– Huichol art exhibition at Bebos bar in Germany!

  • The Cultural Institute of Mexico in Germany and the Arte Yawí association present in
    Berlin the most important Huichol art exhibition in Europe:

Between the myth and the custom, which shows art pieces  made by artists belonging to the Wixárika people,
that lives in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico.
At the headquarters of the Mexican embassy in Berlin, works by prominent
artists, who master various techniques such as yarn and yarn, beads and other
natural materials such as wood and wax, to capture in a colorful and
vibrant history, beliefs and connection with the environment of this indigenous people.
The German public will be able to appreciate an artistic manifestation that captivates by the
depth of its tradition, its relationship with nature and the dialogue around
the topics of life. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get closer to the
work of established artists